Black Widow/Luke Cage bug?

I just experienced what looks to be a bug - fighting new improved luke cage with Black Widow. BW's sig ability prevented LK's invulnerability from triggering, except it didn't - he became invulnerable for the entire duration of his cooldown, until it completely reset (30ish seconds), and triggered a second time.


  • kfd2010kfd2010 Posts: 423 ★★
    I had a similar, albeit slightly different, issue with him using my Widow.

    Faced him in War with my 99 sig Widow and took maybe 15 hits to trigger his invulnerability. And until then, he didn't take any damage. Finally, it triggered and after it wore off, I could deal damage.. Your issue sounds worse than mine, but in general, it feels like Widow's power is now working against her with Cage. If he doesn't trigger the indestructible, he should take damage.
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