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SA rewards delayed? [MERGED]



  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,145 ★★★
    edited February 2018
    Some of my alliance ( including my accounts) got ours a few hours after ended some are saying they didn't get it last week for 8-9 hours after the end of it and didn't so far either

    Not sure what's going on but it sucks that people's rewards are being delayed and kabam isn't really doing anything about it.
  • KlaywikiKlaywiki Posts: 41
    Hey kabam, why do some still not have SA rewards? Others got them hours ago
  • DarkNemesisDarkNemesis Posts: 51
    An answer from you guys would be great instead of ignoring everyone inquiring about the SA awards, we put the work into getting these awards now all we want is answer.
  • KlaywikiKlaywiki Posts: 41
    So apparently they can't give an update on the reward issuance disparity but they can delete posts.
  • Do we have any ideas what is causing the delay?
  • Hey did anyone else not get their SA rewards for this week?
  • Do we have any ideas what is causing the delay?

    No because they are refusing to respond.
    No SA rewards for our entire alliance at this point.
  • thebest018thebest018 Posts: 19
    Hello Kabam , I m leader of the alliance [RAG€] and I wanted to know are S.A. rewards are delayed or only few alliances didn't got the rewards , plz check this problem and provide our S.A. rewards
  • According to Mike they've been delayed. No further information at the moment tho.
  • Kybeans777Kybeans777 Posts: 14
    Definitely never seen them this late. 3 hours is the norm but we're over 9 hours now.
  • Kybeans777Kybeans777 Posts: 14
    Definitely never seen them this late. 3 hours is the norm but we're over 9 hours now.
  • This is crazy and there’s no notifications on why no rewards or when to expect them
  • 9 hours since event ended.

    Still no rewards. :#
  • DarkNemesisDarkNemesis Posts: 51
    who knows they obviously dont care to fill us in. Because some people got their SA awards so frig the rest of us
  • DarkNemesisDarkNemesis Posts: 51
    Even if one of them says we don't know why some have gotten them and some have not, at least it would be an answer this silent treatment is despicable.
  • DarkNemesisDarkNemesis Posts: 51
    funny how the mod is right on top of merging all the new posts on this but can't even be bothered to give us an answer. Kabam at it's finest
  • AnujkewlAnujkewl Posts: 24
    We have not received sa points, although we crossed the minimum points required by a good margin
  • DarkNemesisDarkNemesis Posts: 51
    Yeah Kabam knows they are just choosing to ignore us about it
  • At this point in giving up on kabam honestly
  • Many people seem to be missing their sa rewards
  • SempaidavidSempaidavid Posts: 114
    So.......no update? Really?
  • Viper013Viper013 Posts: 88
    Nonsense kabam
  • And still no sa rewards. Smh
  • how long its been now?
  • mespadamespada Posts: 59
    1:35 am and still no rewards over here
  • Just wondering what’s going on with this whole SUmmoner Advancement being delayed again, is it something we should be worried about? Can we get an estimated time of when or how long will it be until our rewards come in??
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