8.5M Alliance recruiting! Spaces available after current AQ series!

Hi everyone,

So as most of you will know, patch 17 is among us and there's been some exciting new updates.. especially surrounding the new alliance war seasons.

I'm looking to replace about 4 players who, simply put, are not up to scratch. They are fine players but I'm looking for excellent players.

Alliance stats:
8.55 mill base rating
1555 war rating (tier 4) 3bg's
Expert tier in AQ, running Map 5x5.
Mixed countries, English speaking

133k gold
30k BC
12.5k loyalty
*First week is free

If you want to know more information then please add me on line. I.d. robbydog

Decent prestige & high base rating would be preferred but not essential. We care more about skilled players who can finish their paths. We also have plenty of boss killers too so that's not an issue either. Really I'm just looking for reliable & strong players.

Thanks guys! Looking forward to speaking to you.


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