New 5* arena strategy

1m is rank rewards. If you aren't going for featured then let's keep the rank rewards low by not killing ourselves. As a community, we can control the rank rewards.


  • keep what score low? the shards? meh. We won't be keeping the champ score low.
  • Of course u can't keep the champ score low, its a set number of people. But for the percentage rewards we can help with it.
  • DoctorofEvilDoctorofEvil Posts: 217
    I would like to hear someone expand on this idea. It's an interesting twist of game theory from economics/political science

    -EVERYONE would be better off if no one grinded more than a few hours - but if everyone only grinded a few hours someone could get great rewards by grinding 5-6 hours instead (hence, the tendency to cheat). Eventually, everyone will get paranoid and cheat and you would have the same result.

    Am I missing something?
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 25,192 ★★★★★
    This alleviates some of the pressure for people going for a percentage, but it's not a solution altogether because it only works up to a certain point. Naturally it doesn't affect those that Rank.
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