6.5 M Alliance, looking to add 4 active Players [N.W.X] Exodus

Looking for 4 active and mature members. GroupMe used as primary communication method and is a must.

Currently we are running 5,4,4,4,4 or 4,5,4,4,4. completing 2 BG 100%
Running at 2 Wars a week with 2 BG currently. Looking to get to run 3 or 4 a week with 2 @ 2BG and 2 @ 3BG

Looking for experienced players, will help grow.
Minimum requirements are 100k, and roster of at the very minimum 12 R4 4* and/or R3 5*. Need to be able to participate in both AQ and AW.

Current Donations, 85k gold, 6.5k loyalty, and 6.5k BC (will go up if we can get to run more M5 consistently)
SA reached weekly without a need for a save week. Once we hit 265k we start holding and do a big opening here and there.

If interested message me here with your in game name and top 12 roster for consideration.

Thanks for Looking


  • Hello, I am very interested. My in-game name is: Goji88. line Id: danny8806
  • Morning_GoryMorning_Gory Posts: 44
    Still looking to add one more right away, possibility of one more opening coming up on Friday as we go one member that vanished for a week and no responses.
  • Morning_GoryMorning_Gory Posts: 44
    open for 2 more player. Successful completion of all 3 BG 100% with 27 people. need 2 more active players so we can start clearing Map5 on consistent basis and all 3 BG
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