Hulk (Ragnarok) initial thoughts


I was lucky enough to pull a 5* Hulk (Ragnarok) and just wanted to give initial input on the character. My only complaint is it is near impossible to get crowd excitement to 100. Once you get close you usually need to bait a special L2 and it immediately drops. I hope mods pass this on as this is one of his main abilities to really maximize his potential. I have played all modes testing and have only been able to get excirment to 100 twice, this is out of 100+ fights in various modes. Please considering increasing how fast excitement rate increases or decreasing the rate it drops.


  • cradlemancradleman Posts: 86
    You just need to be ultra aggressive. He owns Magik and dorm in war
  • DHCVoLtDHCVoLt Posts: 266
    Almost everytime I’ve used mine I hit 100.
  • DHCVoLt wrote: »
    Almost everytime I’ve used mine I hit 100.

    I get to where I have to bait their L2 before I hit 100 and then it drops dramatically fast.
  • Daniel930702Daniel930702 Posts: 49
    Tbh I get him to 100 every fight unless it's low rating champ. You must be playing him wrongly.
  • MarcusUnreadMarcusUnread Posts: 141
    Sure you have to do some baiting as necessary but if you have Face Me active then his taunt is up and the opponent will be spamming specials, which means you’ll have ample opportunities to get to 100 crowd. If the opponent doesn’t trigger Face Me then intercept as you can, use his heavy as you get opportunities (can bump crowd 15 if it SMASHES, so time your SMASH if you can) also if you’re close to 100 use the L1 or L2 to bump crowd by 10 + 5, so 15. Gets me to 100 crowd all the time.

    Also if you can get to 100 crowd with the L3 ready you can SMASH for 7 seconds and then right when it’s about to expire drop the L3, get the attack bonus for activating a L3 during SMASH, and the L3 resets crowd to 100 for another 7 secs of SMASHing fun!
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