Quest Crystals.....waste of space, time, and obsolete

I know that kabam has made great strides in rewards and rewarding the high level gamers with the uncollected package and crystal upgrades. It has made a huge difference in the speed of growing at a progressive and aggressive nature. However, in Kabam's effort to satisfy this great ideology, why not upgrade the questing crystals to an "uncollected quest Crystal"??? Let's be honest here, when you get these crystals as rewards, you don't even look at them or care about them. 75 basic ISO, 125 basic ISO, small(5) energy refills don't get us very far with 5* or 6* heroes, or on quest maps costing 3 energy per space move. So what I am asking you, Kabam, to please modify or update accommodating quest Crystal rewards or just remove them. Thank you.
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