10m 5x5 Alliance Looking for Members 4200+ Prestige


The Heralds of Ragnarok (HofR) are looking for active members that communicate and play well in a team environment. We work hard but also strive to have fun.

LINE required and contacts are listed above or you contact Chalbron in game.

130k Gold
30k BC
12.5k Loyalty

Event Mins:
8k SA
10k 3-Day Completion
650 Duels


  • ChalChal Posts: 26
    Or contact me on LINE too: mumauber
  • ChalChal Posts: 26
    Still have one to replace for our highly active team.
  • ChalChal Posts: 26
    Have another one, hit me up in LINE
  • ChalChal Posts: 26
    Still need one
  • ChalChal Posts: 26
    Have two to replace. Contact me on LINE
  • How are you? I’m looking for a competitive and mature alliance for my two accounts.
    Buddy4141. 4987 prestige
    Puppy2929. 4738 prestige )

    Would like to surround myself with players with good team values
    My Line app user name is Puppy2929
  • ChalChal Posts: 26
    Need a player ASAP!
  • I'm looking for ally.. 65p6h9h8gq8u.png
  • ChalChal Posts: 26
    Have two to replace now, message me on LINE.

    We’re over 11m now and over 1500 war rating, Gold 1.
  • ChalChal Posts: 26
    Still looking for one
  • ChalChal Posts: 26
    Filled one but have two more
  • Hey Bro,, I would like to apply for your opening.

    My mcoc name is Anpucheliyan so you can see my profile.

    Hope you response soo. I'm From Philippines. so my time zone will be GMT +8
  • ChalChal Posts: 26
    Hit me up on LINE: mumauber
  • ChalChal Posts: 26
    Still have one to replace
  • ChalChal Posts: 26
    5x5 AQ, Gold 1 in war. Find me on LInE
  • BlaargoBlaargo Posts: 77
    I wanna join
  • BlaargoBlaargo Posts: 77
    Msged you on line
  • ChalChal Posts: 26
    Prestige has to be 4200, message me on LINE
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