8 mill+ ally looking to cure half and half syndrome

We’re looking for another alliance with a similar problem to what we have. We’ve got some great highly-motivated players, and then there are the others:0/ What I’m considering is forming sister alliances with an alliance of similar strength, where ur best guys and ours can get together in a big sister alliance and crush 5x5, while also running full participation wars. The other alliance will be the little sister, and will consist of players who are still growing, need a break, or aren’t being faithful with donations or other requirements. That alliance would still be required to work hard, though. But, maybe only 55333, to keep donations down, and 1 bg wars, If this idea is intriguing to u, drop me a line!


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    ereno44ereno44 Posts: 98
    Still looking to merge?
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    Tyu15Tyu15 Posts: 78
    Yeah. Prob looking for a more conventional merger now. We just lost a bunch of guys.
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