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Seatin Man Of KABAM?

Seatin Man got in his Free To Play account Luke Cage. And then after he was begging KABAM to buff him they did it! Khamala Khan needs buff not Luke Cage. But I am sure that they are going to close the discussion becouse they don't like the truth!
(Sorry for my english)
What do you believe?


  • All I am saying is that there are other champions to buff first like Khamala Khan, Spider-Gwen, Hulkbuster, Iron Patriot and She-Hulk. Why they decide to buff 1st Luke Cage? Its coincidence? I don't think so
  • SungjSungj Posts: 2,103 ★★★★★
    Luke Cage was worse than spidergwen, iron patriot and khamala khan
  • TendersquadTendersquad Posts: 186
    She-Hulk by far worst champ in game
  • LocoMotivesLocoMotives Posts: 1,200 ★★★
    You should be wondering why Red Hulk was one of the first two to get buffed. I don’t think anyone named him among the worst in the game before.

    Luke was awful, everyone knew and agreed with that.
  • MannysmokerMannysmoker Posts: 314
    So lemme get this straight, just because seatin said he wanted LC to be good they made him good...dude get your fact together..
  • BahamutBahamut Posts: 2,307 ★★★★
    Almost everyone was asking for LC to get buffed, not just Seatin
  • mdsubmdsub Posts: 180
    All I am saying is that there are other champions to buff first like Khamala Khan, Spider-Gwen, Hulkbuster, Iron Patriot and She-Hulk. Why they decide to buff 1st Luke Cage? Its coincidence? I don't think so

    Kamala Khan just needs to be deleted from the game she's horrible
  • Xthea9Xthea9 Posts: 829 ★★
    When the $1 crystal came they wanted to know the best chosen ones, we did that so form least chosen ones they choose randomly two champs to test for beta to boost them.

    Out of all others, red hulk and Luke cage , in my opinion is the best choice they did. I can see both can be used now strategically. If they choose to buff kamala, I don’t know about others but I will still won’t use her. Yes she hulk or spider Gwen can have some use and if they got buffed they might be more useful. But the way new champs are coming with new synergies, I think this makes a lot of champs useless. If we really want to use these unpopular champs ,they need good synergies with new champs, only buffing them won’t help. Just my thought.
  • Quicksilver44Quicksilver44 Posts: 59
    edited February 2018
    In 6 star Boss Rush: Underdogs Unleashed Challenge the worst champions of each class were:
    Skill: Falcon
    Science: She-Hulk
    Tech:Iron Patriot
    Mutant: Magneto
    Mystic: Thor (Jane Foster)
    Cosmic: Kamala Khan

    So why they decide to buff Luke Cage and Red Hulk? I believe that the main purpose was to buff only Luke Cage but then we were going to figure out that only 1 person wants so desperate to buff him. But KABAM should buff first one of the 6 champions that I mention, becouse they were the least voted. Instead the decide to buff Luke Cage becouse he has 109,000 subscribers amd if he says something bad about KABAM the majority of his followers will have the same point of view!
    because the science class is by far the worst, so they added 4 new champs in the last 2 months plus this 2 getting better, isn't that bad to rank up a science champ that isn't quake or hulk
  • I am not saying that they shouldn't buff Luke Cage. Exactly the opposite. I am just trying to understand why the buffed him first
  • Cuz they probably saw the vote that he did where Luke cage was voted the worst science champion which only helped with their theory that champs in the science class in general needed to be buffed, so they decided to take two that they were going to add to the 6 star crystal and make them really desirable champs. Seatin doesn't have a 5 star red hulk now does he?
  • Quicksilver44Quicksilver44 Posts: 59
    edited February 2018
    @Joeswimmer no but he has 6 star Red Hulk. And I am saying that they buff Red Hulk just to cover the buff of Luke Cage. And also She-Hulk needs to be buffed first, I believe. And I don't belive in coincidences.
  • ninexhelixninexhelix Posts: 131
    Rule was useless before. Only did decent damage at 6 charges, but then you were stuck and couldn’t use a special, so no good for long fights, took too long to build up to 6 so no good in short fights. LC was good for one thing, being able to eat an sp3 so long as you didn’t take a hit before hand. Made him useful in arena while building a streak, but nowhere else. She hulk can chain long stun combos with her specials. It’s not reliable, and she’s still an awful champ, but before the buffs throw a dart at the science class, they were all awful outside of hulk and quake.
  • They might me making it go in a class order, so science mystic cosmic tech mutant skill science
  • I kinda like Shulkie, she gets a lot of hate but she's the quickest hulk, has a somewhat effective ability modifier (if random), and the key to her doing good damage is stun/heavy. She gets a damage bonus heavy attacking a stunned opponent. She has one of the easiest heavies to pull off in the game too, it flows really well in a combo.

    Kamala khan has kinda grown on me too, her fury buffs are pretty decent and you can get quite a few if you time your specials right, and her specials hit rather hard.

    I would argue hulkbuster took the biggest hit with the nerfing of willpower. He was someone to be reckoned with before they killed willpower's potency. Now he's an easy fight as long as you're patient and keep baiting his easy to evade sp1.

    Iron Patriot is not the best of the Iron Men, perhaps the worst after hulkbuster, but he's fast and does alright. Some people like using him. He got me through AQ back in the day when I needed a regen champ in AQ, and he has a decent synergy with cap.

    Spidergwen is all about the crits, but she does have a next to useless sp1. Seatin did alright with her in realm of legends, on a dare. But you're right, she's no one's first pick, by far. She could use a bit of tweaking.
  • If they adjusted hulkbuster's sp1 to be more like starlord's, where it covers more ground, I'd be happy.
  • Any other opinions?
  • @Nihung Seatin Man is a great player and he makes great videos too. I am just trying to figure out why KABAM decide to buff Luke Cage first
  • NihungNihung Posts: 108
    @Nihung Seatin Man is a great player and he makes great videos too. I am just trying to figure out why KABAM decide to buff Luke Cage first

    @Quicksilver44 , I think the issue is probably more with Kabaam. They want to promote a character, they probably get their servers to give the most popular Youtubers that character , knowing that people will keep trying for it and waste units and money.
  • LocoMotivesLocoMotives Posts: 1,200 ★★★
    Clearly the only explanation for them buffing two champs (before 6* were even available) is because those would be the two that a youtuber would get once he could finally pull 6* champs...

    This is not insane at all, makes perfect sense
  • BUZZdog3000BUZZdog3000 Posts: 457 ★★
    Luke cage was the worst in the game and he needed a buff. But when ever you are the CEO of a company you can do things like that.
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