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5* champs that come back to help request

Why do 5* champs show back up when they are cooling down and you have to hit the help request to clear them again? I’ve seen an hour to 3 hours after using them and they show back up...and you have to hit the help request again, but it’s even more annoying an hour to 3 after that they show up again. When rosters were smaller it wasn’t that big of an issue, but now with larger rosters it takes a lot of time, oddly enough the help request timing seems slow the last few months from the time you request help until they are removed for help, before you used to be able to hit help request and they were gone quickly. But anyway back to my point, yes I could hit the filter to filter back to 4*...but that’s as long and annoying as rehitting the help request button when your running a full 4* roster. Maybe a request help all button to clear all of the 5* when they show back up?


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