Looking for a top 1000 aq alliance

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This is just a feeler. I still need to make a decision on leaving, just to be clear.

I am looking for a top 1000 aq alliance that is aq and war focused. My prestige is 5313. I am an aq map 5 mini boss and main boss killer. My current alliance is in the gold 3 War bracket.

I am looking to get into a more serious/focused alliance. Please let me know if your alliance is interested in a very active boss killer.

In game name: Pattycakes57


  • M777 is looking for 1. Would like to fill before Aq
  • We are hitting the War Seasons hard and also mixing at least 2 map 5s a week into AQ. At gold 2 currently but as we improve our war tier and multiplier look to move into bottom platinum with time. Add me on LINE if ya wanna chat.
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    check out Limitless Legends
    5x5 AQ rank under 800
    2000 War Rating/Gold 2
    alliance tag +LL+

    Hit up LimitLessmithSentry on line if you're interested.
    Be Limitless
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