Huge evade bug!

There's a evade bug that's been around for quite some time now and need to know if: a. It's done to my phone or b. I play in a way Kabam didn't intend and thus need to fix gameplay consistancy or c. It's yet another bug gone unfixed!

With regards to b. here's how I play: I keep my left thumb on block whilst I evade with my right thumb. This works great for me as it means my champ is already blocking once evade animation has finished.

My problem is, if I'm holding block during a special attack then I'm unable to evade. So basically my left thumb is still on block but my right thumb is frantically swiping left with no effect. This is most apparent after an opponent triggers a sp3.

If Kabam only want you to evade whilst not holding block at the same time then this should apply to all game play right? So this must be a bug? Is anyone else having this issue?

If Kabam were to stop allowing you to evade whilst holding block (much like what I'm experiencing now after opponent triggers a sp) then I'll probably quit the game!

Please fix this bug as it's VERY frustrating and is costing me greatly.


  • BahamutBahamut Posts: 1,927
    Don’t worry, next month it’ll be fixed and we’ll deal with immunities not working
  • Just to clarify, I don't expect to be able to evade a sp3! What I meant above is... when the sp3 animation has finished and my champ is blocking I am not able to evade. This results in me taking a heavy it or when I release from blocking to evade I get countered.

    And of course it happens mostly in AW!
  • LurkerLurker Posts: 130
    I block/evade the exact same way. I noticed there were times when it just didn't register, thought is was control just not registering. never noticed it was after a special. I have noticed that it seems to "not register" when doing "hard" content. all of the controls seem to "not register" in that content randomly.

    I will start paying attention to the specials and see if I think that is why it doesn't work sometimes.
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