Champion suggestion - Blackheart

I think that blackheart (from ghost rider) would be a good addition to the contest. One of the reasons being how much potential he has to be a really cool champion.
I thought of what his special attacks and synergies could be:
Force from hell [or enemies] (mephisto, ghost rider) - blackheart is fueled by hate, and gains a fury buff for every critical hit, increasing attack by (x).
Demons (dormammu) - blackheart regenerates (x)% more health.

Special attacks:
Sp1(force of the exiled) - blackheart calls upon the exiled angels, and attacking the enemy, dealing incinerate damage and reduction in ability accuracy for (x) seconds.
Sp2 (soul gain)- blackheart consumes the enemy's soul, granting him increased power, attack and armour for (x) seconds. Opponent suffers 100% ability accuracy reduction for (x) seconds.
Sp3 (contract of san venganza) - blackheart calls upon the contract worth 1000 evil souls and attacks the opponent. Increase attack, armour and ability accuracy by 100% for (x) seconds. Blackheart becomes indestructible for (x) seconds.

Signature ability (pure hate) - blackheart is fuelled by hate towards his enemy. Desperate to achieve his goal, blackheart regenerates (x) health when he drops below 20% health.

I hope you do consider adding this champion.
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