Act 5.3 and 5.4

can anyone tell me how many energy refills i need for just one pass of act 5.3 and 5.4?


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    Are you talking all of it in one sitting or just each piece?

    You can do most, if not all, of each of the 'easy' paths in each of the 6 parts of both 5.3 and 5.4 using a full 70 energy, assuming you're 60.

    If you're looking for a back to back continuous run, then after the first one starting at full energy, 1 full refill per, plus 1-2 extra for spill over for all 12 sections.

    So roughly 12-13 full energy refills, assuming 70 energy.

    I just did the 5.4 run in one sitting this past Fri, so that is still fresh in my mind. 5.3 was a few weeks ago, but it was about that same. Also, 5.4 is a locked camera, so you can't look around like normal. I recommend looking at a guide, and taking the resilience path (when available) for a first run through.
  • yeah i am 60 and talking just for once each quest in both act 5.3 and 5.4. so its almost 12 refills each chapter right?
  • No, it would be 12-13 for both chapters. Good luck! Its really not that bad one time through.
  • oh much better then hehe thanks guys. yep its not bad at all thinking of the rewards worth it!!
  • Yeah, I only have OG Ultron left but I'm waiting because I need to have enough resources to take 2 5* to R4 or else those T2As you get for completion may expire and I can't have that! I have 11 T2As already...
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