High Crit Rate
Low base attack
Low base criticical damage (140%)
Medium base health

Passive: Recover 50% health lost to Damage Over Time effects.

Lasts 6 seconds.
When you or the opponent activate a special attack: 40% chance to enter FERAL RAGE.
Provides Cruelty increasing critical damage by a flat 100%.
Regenerate 1.5% max health per second while feral.

Special Attacks:Critical hits inflict bleed dealing 25% attack rating over 10 seconds. (3 hits)

SP1: Gains +25% crit rate (4 hits)
SP2: Gains +50% critical damage rating.
SP3: Inflicts 4 bleeds. Refreshes/activates FERAL RAGE.

Flat +30% to activate FERAL RAGE against bleed immune opponents.

Signature Ability
Chance to activate FERAL RAGE increases by a flat 30% while the opponent bleeds.
Gain a fury increasing attack by 30% during FERAL RAGE.


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