Seeking 3 who are AW and AQ oriented

Kingpin's Gambit
Work/life balance is our motto while at the same time getting our rewards! We are a close knit group of people who like to have fun. AW tier 9 and AQ(expert tier) cycle consist of maps 5 and 4 in different frequencies
1) balance growth in game with growth in life.
2) 2 bg AW 3 times a week.
3) 15M points in AQ, growing to 20M.

1: hold every other week ensuring we hit SA although we are trying to push towards SA ever week.

2: during holidays or unique times we can go down to 1 war. War participation is tracked and used as a factor for removal when we can't fill 2 bgs

3: weekly donations of 30k gold and 3k BC and 1k loyalty. If you play AW and AQ these will be covered by rewards, and will get us a weekly map 5.

4: 12 r4 4* or equivalent

5: Line app required

6: 18 yrs or older

If interested in joining contact a officer or Erie1 in game. Thank you.
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