Node Idea: "Gassed Out"

Hi Kabam! So I was watching MMA a while ago and there was this fight between a small guy and a much bigger dude. At the start of the fight the bigger guy came in swinging and things looked dire for the smaller dude, but eventually the big guy became tired and the smaller man won. So basically the idea for the node is: at the start of the fight, each fighter gains fury proportional to his hitpoints, but after a few seconds, he loses that fury and suffers from a degen that is proportional to his hp, with the special rule that the bigger guy suffers 200% the degen that the smaller dude suffers.


  • phillgreenphillgreen Posts: 1,361
    Great idea, can we implement it to your account only.

  • Interesting but terrible idea. It’s like flare in a way. But anyone with an ounce of talent will walk right thru it. I love the flare node in war. It’s usually a 10 hit fight in t2 war
  • LOL
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