Black panther event quest uncollected

So I just finished the master event quest but it won't let me in the uncollected? I'm a level 58 and it says level 40 is recommended. So why won't it let me play it?


  • you need to beat 5.2 and be uncollected
  • Ah okay thank you!
  • I didn't know people who were not Uncollected could see the Uncollected quest. Lol
  • I'm still on the first quest of act 5 but I didn't know I had to finish act 2 to enter uncollected
  • Yeah once you beat the collector for the first time you will become uncollected and it opens up a bunch of stuff for you like better daily crystals and that extra event.
  • Damn I'm ready to get there already. I only have 5 5* 2 of them are awful. But I've done 2 acts on chapter 5. Any advice on how to going further?
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