Lovely night to try to explore Act 5.4....

Soooo this is how my night's been going....









Apparently there's a problem connecting to the network and I should likely check my connection... *Looks at wife happily streaming HD movie on Netflix*... Hmmmm.... Something doesn't seem right here....

Awesome when you pop several attack and health boosts to help play your favorite game and this is what you end up with....

I should really just stop playing anything important in the game now, just stick to Arena and easy monthly quests where I won't get screwed by poor game performance and end up sucking up my units to limp through fights I normally wouldn't have an issues beating.


  • JoeLukaJoeLuka Posts: 6
    The exact same thing is happening to me. Typical.
  • MikeHockMikeHock Posts: 683
    Same here
  • Same... it even threw me out of game after fight saying i got disconnected although youtube was playing in the background without problems
  • Hi everyone! We're sorry to hear about the disruption you've been experiencing at the moment. Don't worry - our team is already looking into the problem.

    To help keep the forum more organized, please post on the discussion we already have here about the topic so that all the information can be kept in one place and easily found by our team!

    If you include the following information that would be a big help:
    - Device make and model
    - Device Operating System (OS) and version number
    - Carrier name/ Service Provider (if applicable)
    - Are you are attempting to connect to the game using a WiFi or a cellular connection?
    - Have you have tried connecting through WiFi as opposed to a cellular connection or vice versa, and if so, what happens?
    - Have you attempted to connect to the game using an alternative device, and if so, were you able to connect? ...Also, what were the specifics of the alternative device (make, model, OS and version)?
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