Looking for 2, 300k++ rating, AQ expert tier map 5x5

[EFL66] Elite Force of Legends, 8M alliance, expert tier in AQ (we score 80 - 90M every AQ). We need 2 new members who want to grow together with us. We need members who can communicate during AQ and AW. We do map 5x5, and running 2 BG for war, (3 if all members are available). Here are our requirement:

minimum rating 300k+,
do donation every week, 134k gold, 30k bc, 12.5k loyalty,
minimum SA 9k every week, completion 15k, duel 650,
LINE to do communication.

we achieve every AE except for arena combat and perfect series, and SA every week. if you interested to join us, please contact:

in game:Infineos or Zaitca (Leader)

or add us in LINE: ardiansusanto88/zaitca111 (leader)
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