Michael jordan challenge?

Possible to do with rank 3/30 4* champs? Im unable to even complete the last round while the other 3 i have 100%.

I have seen people do it with 3*s but honestly i cant get 100+ combo going...

Almost everyone has done it with r5 4 stars.

Im using r4 /40 black widow
R1 /25 iceman
3* max dr voodoo
4/40 mordo
3/30 ultron 4 star


  • With your roster I'd say prolly not but it really comes down to skill.
    I beat it but with 4* 5/50.
    And if you can't maintain a high combo then you need to practice more cause any mistakes will most likely cause you to lose a champ
  • NinjAlanNinjAlan Posts: 307
    I did it with 440s, I'm pretty skilled at the game and not sure if I could have done it with 330s, not cost/time efficiently anyway. Maybe with the right 330s like starlord and archangel
  • I did it, Iron Man on the last path was a bit of a pain, but used my 3/30 Yondu and just kept spamming my sp1 to keep heal block applied
  • The quick answer is that hardly anyone is actually doing that. Those skilled enough usually have better rosters than 3/30 and would only likely include 1 for a unique ability they MUST have and do not have the 4* or 5* equivalent.
  • flygamerflygamer Posts: 135
    I think you can beat the last level on easier path, no way for 100%, unless you spend a ton on revives
  • They have these events every few months, hopefully by then you’ll have some stronger champs and you’ll be able to knock it out.

    You’ll know you’re ready when you can make it to the Master Mode Boss with your all 5 members of your team still alive
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