Is there any champion who is completely ignores evade?


  • Iceman coldsnap stops evade
    Agent venom 50percent chance to stop evade
    Karnak sp1 true strike stops evade
    Cable sp3 then sp1 true strike ignore evade.
    ElektrA ability reduction
    Crossbones ability reduction
  • Doctor Voodoo sp1/2 on an odd combo - ability reduction
  • Immune? No...but a few counters:
    1. Iceman - duped, he starts the fight with coldsnap, which negates evade. So if you can keep the opponent under the effects of coldsnap, they won't evade.
    2. Black Widow, duped, at sig 99 against a science champs with evade. She reduces ability accuracy by 85%, and gets a 15% bonus against science. So she should negate evade entirely. I say should, because I've still had the AI evade, but not regularly.
    3. True Strike champs - like Karnak. When true strike is active, attacks ignore evade.
    4. Other ability accuracy reducing champs (Gwenpool, Crossbones, etc)...
  • BigMoBigMo Posts: 147
    Falcon when he is locked on.
  • VoluntarisVoluntaris Posts: 1,088
    ArchAngel, once you've applied 3-4 neurotoxins (depending on your awakened ability sig level)
  • Blade - Danger Sense
    Magneto - magnetized
    Quake - charge heavy and wait for dmg (no physical attack to evade) / concussions = Ability reduction
  • Any champ - Parry stun hit once or twice or heavy and then stop. Rinse, repeat.
    Basically don't hit after the stun timer is up.
  • Slux83Slux83 Posts: 343
    duped gweenpool once you reach a hit combo of 30-40
  • Any champ with True Strike can stop evade.
  • AuceAuce Posts: 71
    Stark Spidy SP3 has a %100 chance to ensnare. %30 reduced ability accuracy and cannot trigger passive evade effects for 18 seconds.
  • Punisher 2099 sp2
  • Taskmaster once you hit 5 concussions.
  • Kingpin isn't immune to evade, but he does find it annoying.
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 1,442
    edited February 2018
    On a more helpful note, @SSRAVENGERS, why?

    Is this a general issue, or specific to mesmerise? If the latter, I'd recommend Agent Venom or Crossbones, as both can significantly reduce evade chance; and also both can shrug off stun. Alternately Hood as a part-time stun-immune champ.

    If it's just a general hatred of being evaded, have you considered the Unfazed mastery? It doesn't always proc, but has value if you just hate being evaded.
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