Abilities failing after last maintenance

Something happened after last maintenance and some of the abilities of the champions aren’t working as they should.


• Hulk’s special attacks are barely causing stun. I use Hulk for the poison path in quest and normally the 95% of times the attacks stun the opponent, but today it only worked twice after using 12 times between the SP1 and the SP2
• I just made the trial of life quest with guillotine and I applied the SP2 ten times against X23 and the curse only appeared once.
• Wolverine is not causing the same number of bleedings

Anyone noticed the same issues?


  • spaceoakspaceoak Posts: 53
    Against Yellow Jacket in AQ map 5 Wolverine's regen was appearing but his health was not going up. Happened after I got a bio-sting and used my special to clear it. I ended the fight with 20% health, but it could had been over 50% for sure.
  • The1_NuclearOnionThe1_NuclearOnion Posts: 893 ★★★
    @spaceoak With Wolvie I've seen that happen on heal block nodes of map 5 or the undisclosed heal block of symbiods where the icon will still appear but no heal.

    @cab55 Guilly must have at least 2 souls for the sp2 curse to produce. She gets souls by taking down 6% of opponents health and they expire every 10 seconds. Make sure you have 2 souls before launching the sp2 for heal reversal. This is much harder on the expert trials with the regen nodes because depending on your guilly's level she may not be able to get that 6% especially with arc or regen active on opponent.
  • Yes the self problem with Guilltine ore Thor nothing go
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