Combos not connecting, evades not working

The game has been lagging worse than usual the last few days, I have been spending tons of potions on stuff that's not that difficult, and worse of all, I have been hating the game. Thr potions I spent were being saved up to tackle act 5, and I spent them in the 4th mission of uncollected because hulk became impossible to evade, his reach on specials and regular hits is just crazy, and the lag combined with a game that seems to operate on a faster speed lately just makes for a very unenjoyable experience. Kabam, please, guess what happens when people do not enjoy a game? They end up leaving. You may be seeing great numbers with blade crystals, but a non working game and frustration starts getting to people even if they have a 5* blade, just ask Joel Line.

Please kabam, it has been a year since 12.0. You address unfair advantages very quickly, but unfair disadvantages have been plaguing the game for a year. I personally would have bought two of the deals yesterday, but I do not spend money when the game does not function. On the other hand, last year when you kinda fixed 12.0 with 13.1, I bought several offers that I did not care about, but I did want to show my support. I'm not a whale but I've spent probably $3k in the game through the last two years. How many more like me would you have, or how much more would have I spent if you had a working game?

Please stop worrying about new A.I. behavior and game speed until you fix the lag issue, it is already difficult and frustrating enough.

My theory is that this is all related to the servers. Some game modes lag more than others, and at some times of the day and the week, it gets MUCH worse. Please please please, get your game together. I would love to stay with you for years, but at this point I rather spend my money on a new headset for playing fortnite than in a $20 6* awakening gem is the offer existed.


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