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6.3MIL//3x5 - no donations//SA weekly//LINE//AWx3

That about sums it up.

Up-and-coming alliance looking for a replacement or 29. Due to the new AW reward bracket, we're shifting focus:

AQ - 3x5 (Advanced tier). Generally clear all 15 maps and surpass all milestones (20mil) every AQ. Rank 701-1400. No donations - save resources for leveling and ranking.

AW - Tier 16 (currently, only been together 6 weeks). All 3 BGs, 3x weekly. 100% each.

Events - no minimums but I expect contributions in SA weekly (usually 21-40%), rank in Item Use (6-15% last week), rank in Completion, and participate in Duel Skirmish. No individual minimums - we make it as a team.

Line required. Chill, laid back alliance that has fun but are serious about progressing and getting better. Plus everything is funner when you're winning. Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you're part of a team.

Anyway. Hit me up. Line ID/IGN: ButOfCorpse


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