**14 Million Alliance, Weekly t4cc, Looking for a New Recruit**

Zova Corp is looking for a few new members!

We are a very established AW focused, top 100 AQ alliance looking to add a new member to our team. Our leadership is active and involved and we have teammates that have been with us from the beginning. Additionally, we have very few event requirements (no arena minimums!) We rarely have openings so jump on this opportunity!

- 5800 prestige or the ability to demonstrate that you are ready to increase your prestige to 5800 very shortly after joining
- We run both map 5 and 6 so map 6 experience is necessary.
- LINE app required. Our team is built on timely communication and it is an absolute requirement for membership
- Must be an active participant in both AQ and AW
- Prefer someone in a North/South American time zone but we are willing to chat with other zones as well to see if they will be a good fit

Look us up in game (alliance tag is Zova) or contact us on LINE at cupkate678 or Fitzpatrick9105
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