Hyperion dashing "through" Storm's Sp1

J3 Prime 2017 Samsung Knox 2.7.1 AW node 51 Hyperion dashes towards me as I activated Storm's Special 1, he comes through untouched and finishes me off. I continue with my next fight and exit out of the match sacrificing the champion as a defeat. I'm done. This is phenomenally ridiculous and there's no severance package you can offer me that makes up for this continuous lack of smooth gameplay. For months this has gone on with you knowing about, putting out content still, and having potion sales as iff to say "Yep we know and we don't care we just want your money." and you're in serious jeopardy of having a repeat of what happened last year with the "lack of people wanting to play this game for a certain period of time until things are fixed". Catch our drift? This is demeaning to us that played for over 2 years, and worthy of some serious looking into by someone who actually cares about the product they put out. Which by the way, use to be what Kabam appeared to be all about.


  • spaceoakspaceoak Posts: 105
    I have seen this. I dashed through storm's sp1 in the event quest this week. I don't remember who I was using, but I know I definitely did it. It was in my favor so I didn't think much of it. That makes at least twice it has happened.
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