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Looking for strong alliance

I am a 190k player looking for a strong alliance that completes all 3 BG for AQ and should be in a good tier of AW, with good consistency in AW wins.
I have map 5 experience and always clear my lanes. Not a boss killer though.
I will be having 4 r5 champs soon. Just half or less than half a t4cc away. My top AQ champs are 4/40 and I mostly use:
Crossbones (sig 99), magik (sig 14), rogue (sig 20) dr voodo (sig 21), star lord (sig 40), capww2 unduped.
I place 4/40 defenders for war and sometimes also place 5* 2/35 champs as well.
A very active player and always get 1-10% rewards from basic arena.
Very regular in completing the events.
Contact me on Line: ajaved11


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