parry timing on AI is bugged

Samsung J3 Prime 2017 Android os Knox 2.7.1 AW Black Panther(CW) breaks my combo with a party and hits with Sp1. I know it's the premier weekend for his movie but he's not a god tier, he's not even close to Killmonger's level, and he's costing me units. So knock that **** off please and thank you. May we have an update on when these things will either get back to normal, or when we get the mastery that allows us to do what they can suddenly do?


  • Did it again just now in AW on node 23. CROSSBONES blocked my 4 star maxed out Gwenpool mid combo and just decimated me. @Kabam Vydious Again Samsung J3 Prime os Knox 2.7.1 Let me know when this gets fixed because this is too many things going wrong to accomplish anything in AW with the season just starting. I'm usually our boss killer but if I can't get there like I usually have no issue doing, then this is pointless guys. This is not on you guys, I know it's a programming thing I would just like an answer and so would my wallet. Thanks for looking into this.
  • NekrosonarNekrosonar Posts: 21
    I was just mid combo and was interrupted by the AI starting a normal attack combo. Like wtf is this

    Lol, dude, can't count the number of times I've experienced that!
  • NekrosonarNekrosonar Posts: 21
    The thing is, there is a momentary lag spike, like a really minute second like 0.30 where your character drops the combo because of lag, through that you get decimated as the AI is looking to counter-attack. This always works in favour of the AI. lol cheating Kabam!
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