Should I Switch Alliance or Stay? (What AW Tier should I play?)

I have 110k total base rating, 3000+ presitige, 10 rank4 4*, and 2 rank2 5*. I'm about to have my 1st rank5 4* and open 2 more 5* in a week or so.

So the alliance I've been in has been doing AQ Map2, and since the new AW season, we dropped from Gold2/Tier10 to Silver1/Tier12. The main reason in my opinion is most of our members are not skilled player and so can't finish the miniboss. While the rival alliance we face normally complete 1-2 bgs, our alliance can't keep up. I am the one of few in the alliance that finish miniboss every war and waiting for others to die on their path. I feel the rewards I should get is slow down by those unskilled members, and I feel the alliance will stay in AW Silver1-Gold3.

So should I move on and find a stronger alliance. I think in Gold1-2/Tier 9-11 I might have a chance at finishing miniboss consistently once I have my rank5 4* and more 5*, and I have been playing AQ Map 3-4 couple times, wasn't too hard for me. But I certainly don't want to join any alliance above my capacity or pay a crazy amount of donation weekly.

So should I move on or stay?
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