Re-Scaled Champions

So i think we all can agree that we play this game because we love Marvel.
Now there are always issues with this game so I dont want comments saying;
'Dont add things until they fix the bugs.'
This is just an idea statement for a Re-Scaled damage and scaled system.
So the idea is to re-do ALL the champions.

My idea is a tiered system based upon a percentage base for this discussion.
Lets go.
Tier A, Ultrapowers.
Unplayable characters such as Maestro, Thanos, Collector, Kang and the Grandmaster.
They have 200% over the Benchmark stats.
Tier B, Elite.
Characters like Carnage, Ultron, Civil Warrior, Hyperion or any future or alternate version of characters.
They have 150% of the benchmark.
Tier C, Superpowers.
High level X-Men such as Iceman and the stronger InHumans like Black Bolt and Quake.
They use 115% of the Benchmark stats.
Tier D. The benchmark.
Iron-Man, Spider-Man, Captain America etc. The Avangers. The have stats at 100%.
Tier E, The Initiative.
Ant-Man, War Machine, Black Panther etc.
They have stats at 90% of the Benchmark Stats.
Tier F, the Low Powered.
Hawkeye, Black Widow, Collosus, Moon Knight etc.
Stats are 80% of the benchmark stats.

Yes this means that if a Tier B vs Tier F it would be a massive difference in health and damage.
Each person then needs to have buffs re-applied and checked over.
So Collosus, low health and damage would have high amounts of armor up, fury and critical against the Tier B Carnage who should have high bleed damage.
Each character would need to have specific immunities and resistances.

If players have a good way of balancing please drop it down. There is a few inconsistent aspects and a few unbalanced points.
If you like this idea please like, agree or awesome it.
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