Day 7 Lunar New Year daily login.

IrohrIrohr Posts: 254 ★★
edited February 2018 in Bugs and Known Issues
Did anyone else not receive his or her daily login for the 7 red envelope ticket? I it says I received it but it's not in my gifting.


  • GamerGamer Posts: 6,781 ★★★★★
    Becasse it not cystal it is somone u send to fx a ally mate and then u get Them back
  • IrohrIrohr Posts: 254 ★★
    I corrected it. I don't have it in my gifting stuff.
  • GamerGamer Posts: 6,781 ★★★★★
    Hmm rester game Mabye
  • IrohrIrohr Posts: 254 ★★
    I just uninstalled it and reinstalled it. it's in my gifting.
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