Vanquishing heavy attacks

This is not fun IMO. The AI in arenas is fighting like it's on bath salts soaked in cheap tequila. And Tide pods. Maybe bonus points for taking no directs hits, or for owning Spider Gwenn 5*. I don't know. Anything other than heavies to end a fight.


  • Icecold2099Icecold2099 Posts: 577 ★★★
    I just perry them into a heavy. Once in a while I have a fight where they don't cooperate, but it hasn't been difficult.

    Anything you get extra rewards for is going to be slightly more difficult than just playing through the game as normal.
  • taojay1taojay1 Posts: 1,062 ★★★
    Kinda wish it wasn't heavy attacks again tho, it's been two in a row.
  • RedRoosterRedRooster Posts: 337 ★★
    Heavies is one of the easiest to complete. So many avenues for getting points in this one.

    I did the beginner event quest because I had energy to burn, it also gets me a small stash of units from the runs (first time run through). All of those are one-shot heavies.

    Duel skirmish - granted Mordo is one of the harder champs to hit with a heavy.

    Just wait until they drop incinerate or shock. Sure there are champs that can easily do it, but you can use them every fight?
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 33,097 ★★★★★
    I agree with Rooster. It's better to focus on easier Quests if you want Points for Vanquishing. I feel your frustration. I'm not one to complain, but I'm at the end of my rope with the AI speed. Every Heavy Blocked. Every L1 Blocked. Parry is rampant. Every Charge whiffed. The speed is way out of whack. There comes a point where the challenge crosses over into infuriating territory. To be clear, I'm not saying anything is intentionally changed or feeding any conspiracy. I'm saying whatever it is, it's beyond noticeable. If I wasn't trying to Awaken my Rags, I wouldn't even bother.
  • PhonieStarkPhonieStark Posts: 202
    I find it easier to parry early in the fight. It's towards the end when I can't seem to parry anything they throw at me. Also, it makes sense to do the easier quests and stuff, but am trying to focus on arena with the little time I have to play. But anyway, thanks for the input guys!
  • X_ScottX_Scott Posts: 732 ★★★
    Wait does the tequila make the salts better?
  • JaffacakedJaffacaked Posts: 1,415 ★★★★
    Isn't there a system in place so we don't the the same event back to back, that's how the last vanquishing blows worked
  • PhonieStarkPhonieStark Posts: 202
    Apparently that system is not in place @Jaffacaked
  • PhonieStarkPhonieStark Posts: 202
    edited February 2018
    @Dropfaith the salts make the tequila better. Also @X_Scott
  • PhonieStarkPhonieStark Posts: 202
    I guess it's like a **** Margarita with bath salts on the rim of the glass. IDK? Be creative!
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 33,097 ★★★★★
    Sometimes I hate being a visual person. Lol
  • I hate to say it but some champs need a new heavy attack animation...IM.Colossus.Punisher.WM.SIM to name a few but they all look like they going to take a dump in the middle of the fight either that or they like working out their buttcheeks so they can save time and crack walnuts with them lol
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