How to get Tier 4 Class Catalysts?

Hey all! So just under a week ago today, I took my 4* Duped Gwenpool to Rank 5, which took all of my Tier 4 Skill Class Catalysts. Today I pulled a 4* Blade, so I was wondering what the quickest way would be to get the other 3 Skill Class Catalysts I need to take him up to Rank 5 as well. Also, I would really appreciate if you could share any tips you may have on getting a lot of ISO. Thank you!



  • Sac123_Sac123_ Posts: 254
    Glory is a reliable but crappy way of getting a specific class cat shards you want
  • bm3eppsbm3epps Posts: 556
    I recently got a full T4cc cosmic from AQ crystal but I don't need to rank up a cosmic..I'm waiting on a mutant 5 star to rank up..
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