How to waste a good evening with his wife

How to waste a good evening with his wife

Yesterday was the Blade day. The definitevely most wanted champion for one year.

7:00 pm in France, the most wanted (and the last) feature crystal is finally here.

My wife and I spare a lot of 5* shards for months in order to get this precious champion :
- 75 000 for my wife = 5 feature crystals
- 54 000 = 3 feature crystals

5 others players in my team did the same.
And they receive what they were waiting for : Blade plus some very good or bad champions (Green Gobblin, Hela, Void, Hood, King Groot ...).

My wife tries and the result is really disappointing : no Blade, no subfeature, 3 crappy basics (Moon - Hulkbuster - Rhino) and 2 medium basics (Morning Star - Punisher 2099)
I look at her. Her eyes are wet.

I try a small « The statistics are against us. 20% for the feature and subfeatures ». But with all players around us getting Blade, it’s hard to convince and comfort.

And now my turn. Without any fate in my usual luck I tap to open my 3 crystals. Why could I get better than my wife with quite half less crystals ?
I take 3 seconds to analyze the screen : Blade - Howard - Blade

« What did you get » asked she
What could I tell ?
« I am really sorry Darling. Blade. Duped. »
In order to save the situation I add « And Howard. »

I see her face becoming as green as Hulk.
Big oops.
« Don’t you complain about Howard ??? »
« I’m sorry. If I could, I would give you mine »

I try to comfort her and try a « Maybe me and other players in the team are very lucky. Let’s take a look at Reddit ».
We saw rare people DIDN’T get Blade.
Huge oops.

« And on Trucos... » : a cartoon with Blade faces on quite all characters.
Final oops.

I have to thank Kabam because I wasn’t disappointed in my crystals. I got what I was waiting for.
And as we can see it was like an anniversary or Christmas gift for a very large part of players.

But, like Christmas, some players are very very disappointed to be excluded by not getting the gift.
Ok it is a matter of luck, at least a bit when I saw the results.
But how can’t you be bitter by getting only basics in 5 features opened in one shot. It’s really hard. Because :
- You lost 25 000 5* shards, which are difficult and long to spare, and so waste 2,5 chances to get Blade in a basic.
- You hope a lot (Blade or a subfeature) in order to have a decent 5*r4 (better than an Hawkeye for example) and progress in the game.
- It is very frustating when you are the only one of all your friends to not receive the precious champions

When players spend so much time and shards (75 000) to open 5 or more feature crystals, there should be something to guarantee at least one (really) good price.
It’s useless to ask for Blade as a general 5* champion for all players. But it would be a great gift to send a 5* for next MCOC anniversary (now that 6* are in the game).

Darling, if you read this lines, I really hope Kabam will give you a 5* Blade in the next crystals openings !


  • BuckeyeKPBuckeyeKP Posts: 690
    Great post brother, good luck at home lol
  • LoPrestiLoPresti Posts: 1,036 ★★★
    Hey, at least we're getting a new featured crystal now, with even better.... odds... at getting... the... champ- Yeah okay, I'll stop right here.
  • Great post man, and sorry to hear! I am nowhere near able to save up crystal shards like this yet, just not at that level of the grind in game, but I'm reading all the posts about how many people are getting/not getting Blade, it is definitely tough not to get it after saving so long.

    I hope she gets Blade in some future crystal somehow!
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