Changes to Customer Support Ticket handling:


Since the V12 update, the majority of players have experienced game breaking bugs, which caused us all to spend units, potions, etc, to move forwards with AQ/AW. Not because of player skill, but because of a broken game. I put in many support tickets, where the customer service rep simply posted a forum link, and closed the ticket. NONE of those tickets were properly addressed, and I spent real world money on something that was inherently programmed for me to fail.

I'm putting forward the idea that your customer service department should not be closing tickets as such. There should be a way for the player to continue their line of communication with that rep, or another, if the matter is not handled properly, instead of receiving the email 'sorry, that ticket is closed, make a new one, jackass'.

Your game is broken. Many players want their compensation for money spent during this downtime, and the responses from your company are deplorable, to say the least. Something has to change, or refunds should be handed out for those of us who have made our cases.
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