Crashing in quests

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So I start daily experts for the sigs, get to miniboss, defeat the miniboss and the game just spins loading non stop. 5 minutes. I hit home, check if my net is ok and it is, so i go back. i'mm forced to force close. I force close, log back in and the event quest doesn't have continue but the energy ofc, is neatly deducted. I'm like, ok, maybe it will let me continue from where I was. I open the expert daily, says 33% explored. I go into expert daily, path filled up to the miniboss and guess where I am? That's right, at the start, forced to spend energy on what I already spent energy. Just when you think it can not grt any buggier. I'm not even gonna write support tickets because Kabam suppprt is a generic answer spun around for every problem. But at least it's being "looked into". And "investigated". Thanks Kabam, 10/10 would crash again. But now 9/10 would refiill.



  • SlySlySlySly Posts: 352 ★★
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    @Kabam Wolf would love to hear an explanation for this. Scratch that, can't wait to hear it.
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