5* Morningstar or Hood?

Recently pulled the two champs, the reason of putting them side by side for comparison is because both are mystic, utility champ, non-high pure dmg output, good in some matchups in stories and/or in aq aw attk and def. So i see the potential of them being great.
(Beneficial for people like me that just no luck pulling god tier 5* yet)

When Unduped:-
1. Morningstar: be a trash in 4-5matchups to make her a demi-god and super fun to play.
2. Hood: utilities, shutdown opponent buffs, evades, damages with debuffs makes him fun to play.

They don’t need to be awaken to be good, but when awaken, they have so much more demigod potentials.
Morningstars: buffs steals and granted soul.
Hood: power control mechanism kicks in.

Heres the question: With both in 5* unduped, lv20 sig and lv99 sig. Which will be your choice to bring to R4?

Personally, I feel like Highly duped Hood will be win over Morningstars. But without being him awaken, He is just fun to play like Morningstar, but still.... feeling so much pain playing to gain soul from first few fights.

What do you think?


  • Morningstar imo is clearly better. You can kill them with the sp3 to draw a soul too you don't need to get the counter to 100. Ms has use awd, aq attack, war attack, questing etc. She's an all around powerhouse of a champion and her damage at 5 souls is insane.
  • I had my 5* Morningstar at rank four months before I duped her. She’s so fun to play with and she has so much utility in a lot of the different modes of play, not to mention that bleed immunity is always nice. She’s fun, has unique abilities, and she’s not to be trifled with.
  • gasmaskdudegasmaskdude Posts: 35
    Morning star has power gain ,unstoppable, nullify as well. Shes also a better defender than hood because everyone just baits his sp1 while morning start has weird animations and bleed when struck with 1 soul.
    I would take up Morning Star.
  • Looks like Hood is not in a lot of people favor. :smiley: Haha...
    But thats true, Morningstar is so good after few fight.
  • Haji_SaabHaji_Saab Posts: 2,947 ★★★★★
    hood is ultra pro
  • What does ultra pro means?
  • chev327foxchev327fox Posts: 826 ★★
    I recently got a 5* Mornignstar and I really like her. She is a beast for Questing if you can play well enough to get her to 5 souls before the boss.

    I am not sure of this since no one attacked her last war but i feel she would be a beast on the SP2 Mini-Boss node (her SP2 is pretty hard to avoid and pretty nasty when it lands doing good damge and clearing all buffs and getting bonus damage from each it clears).

    Though Hood is also good on that node for his invisible SP2... but I think overall MS is considered a bit better. But really they are both great champs.
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