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Where should I go from here? Is there anything I should recover to restructure? Any advice would be much appreciated!!



  • Best advice will get a few of my red envelopes (the better the advice the more I will send) or health potion (whichever you want)!
  • Suicide mastery. and max Salve and yeah thats it my ingame name is the same as you see.
  • On act 4, chapter 2 level 6 how do you defeat magneto
  • i don't remember i think i went around him
  • Isn't that bad for AW and AQ?
  • DizzyDizzy Posts: 190
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    Hey Cliff - what are you trying to accomplish / where are you in your progression?

    There's definitely a rift in the community on whether or not you want to run suicides, and it comes down to personal preference. You'll definitely get a noticeable PI and attack boost, and you'll be fine for AW/AQ if you've got the right champs and also willpower maxed.

    That being said, since you're only at LVL 46, you're not going to be able to max your suicides yet, which means you are getting a lower attack boost for the same poison / bleed effect...

    Me personally? I had about the same tree as you at LVL 46, was focused on getting to Uncollected with a team of 4/40, so I decided to focus on unlocking and getting some points in Assassin next. I also have a lot of bleed champs (Gwenpool, AA, and two new Blades in the past week...) so Deep Wounds was worth it on the way.

    EDIT: I just saw your roster. Vision and Hulk will be MVPs for the Collector fight, and together with Iceman, you have three God/Demi-God champs with solid immunities. There's an argument to be made for suicides if you're using those champs a lot in your rotation.
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    Your masteries are not a bad start for your level. I used to run suicides but dropped them as it hurts in AW too much. Here is my current build. It is set up to be a balanced setup for deep wounds for my wolverine, x-23, Nightcrawler and mystic dispersion for Magik, Scarlet witch, Mordo. My advice is there is no one best mastery setup. Decide what champs are your best and your goals in the game and set up your masteries accordingly.
  • Dizzy I appreciate the solid advice! To be honest I didn't even make the connection that the negative effects of suicides don't apply to those with bleed/poison immunities (mind blown I don't know how that got past me).

    As for what I'm trying to accomplish I'm trying to do a few different things. I'm currently an underdog in my allaince so I need to hold my own in AQ and AW. At the same time I want to complete act 4 and RTTL (I tired ROL and took down WS but it was clear I wouldn't go much further so I backed lol).

    So I guess it seems that I shouldn't push for suicides until I can actually max them so should I go for assasin? What do you think? Anything you think I should restructure?

    And what's your username?
  • Also do you know when blade will be entering arenas or have an arena schedule?
  • Gyula63 wrote: »
    On act 4, chapter 2 level 6 how do you defeat magneto

    Duped Doctor Strange. Mine was a 3 star at the time. He was nerfed since then, but he still nullifies. I think you could also try with Magik, Yondu, or other heal blockers. But Strange was the most effective at the time Act 4 came out.
  • DizzyDizzy Posts: 190
    @Clifford7 added you in-game (my avatar is a Sparky).

    Blade should be in the basic arena on May 3.

    I think your current tree looks very good. I personally found 1 one willpower to help with Gambler’s Fate in Act 4, because I didn’t have any regen champs and the bleeds / poisons were annoying. Otherwise, yes, I went for Assassin and Deep Wounds.

    Just know they’re expensive, so plan ahead with your units!

    Regarding Magneto, I used my Archangel which I realize is OP for that fight. Didn’t even occur to me that it had a massive regen that annoys other players.
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