Who is better/more useful for Act 5?

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Any comments are welcome. I have a 4* iceman duped to 5/50 but just pulled the 5 star and wonder if he will be worth ranking up to R4 over my 4* that is duped or R4 my 5* Storm that is duped.

Who is better/more useful for Act 5? 27 votes

5* Iceman (unduped)
SolswerdMr_PlatypusJadedadqqedfyvrVladislas22AwesomeKyloRenSungjVuDahShinyMew2KennadovinniegainzIronBlaze09Thecrusher_9756ILovePoniesCrazyjack719BobomanZacTylerBahamutXFA_RebootedCaptain_2good 24 votes
5* Storm (duped)
Spity68SpiritOfVengeanceTiborgina 3 votes


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    5* Iceman (unduped)
    There are a lot of poison/ bleed nodes throughout act 5 where iceman will be great for. Storm can be replaced with pretty much any good damage dealer
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    5* Iceman (unduped)
    I love Storm's damage potential, my 5* rank 3 usually does 25k-28k worth of damage on her L2. That being said, she is a glass cannon that does not allow you to make any mistakes. Iceman has so much ultility...there will be some paths in Act 5 where you might consider having both the 4 and 5 star version of him on your team.
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