Bug (or nerf) with blade

So now, after many players “bought” blade, it’s time to release “unintentional” bugs.
His ability says that when he nearby a bleeding opponent he gain 7% power per stack of bleed.
Since yesterday I noticed that if I place a bleed on the opponent using sp1, blade get no power at all. (Maybe it’s older bug but I saw it only yesterday)
I tried it in act5 and arena, with 4* blade and 5*, and it happens every time.
When I place a bleed using sp3, he gain power, so seems like the problem is with his sp1.

Please check and fix


  • Blade only gains power from bleed while in close proximity with the opponent. That would be your problem there is no bug
  • DangerNoodleDangerNoodle Posts: 235
    You literally just said your problem *Ahem*
    @Carmel1 😂😂😂
  • edited February 2018
    Here comes all the noobs who got blade and don't know how he works 😂😂

  • TonedefTonedef Posts: 137
    I was forced to R5 my 4* cause Kabam felt I’d like Loki, Cm and psylocke more than blade 🤣 He seems to be working as his description states.
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