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I just recently 100% 5.4 during making the decision of who to rank up and who to use the generic awakening gem on I can think of 3 options I can do. But before that keep In mind I have a 5* rank 4 Magik, Stark Spider-Man and Blade. I also have 2 cosmic awakening gems and 2 mystic awakening gems. Any advice and thoughts is appreciated thanks so much!

5* advice 10 votes

Awaken Star-Lord and take him to rank 4
mmmbanyasSIlverProfessorDEADLYPANTSZakonn1 4 votes
Awaken Star-Lord but take Iceman to rank 4
Save the generic awakening gem and take Iceman to rank 4
RagamugginGunnervg2782Danicb94Vladislas22mahanmaxshadow_lurker22 6 votes
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