Anyone else experiencing unintended Medium and Heavy Attacks in AQ?

So, I thought this was my phone, but now I think it may be a bug. Here is why..

I take all 3 Science lines in AQ. For months now, I have been taking damage after unintended Medium and Heavy attacks pop up from my champ, leaving me wide open for attack. Well, today, I accidentally went the wrong way and had someone else take my line. Right away, they said the same thing. Unintended Medium and Heavy Attacks that left them wide open for attack.

Please tell me I am not the only one here this happens to.


  • That happened to me too on magik on map 5.
  • AquamaAquama Posts: 135
    Yep. I've had my character jump forward for an attack when i did basically nothing. Not even mentioning how off the timing on block and parry are. They really gotta fix this
  • DiablosUltimateDiablosUltimate Posts: 1,021 ★★★
    Yes, I did experience this today. Went hulk vs abom on map5 and since beginning of fight my hulk was literaly in auto-battle mode, not reacting on my controls just doing its thing. I did pause, unpaused - nothing, paused again, unpaused and regained control over him (being almost dead already).
  • Today i was controling hulk and he decided to do a heavy ultimately taking an sp2 to the face lol
  • mydnightmydnight Posts: 660 ★★★
    In AW, today I had an instance where my magic dashed back in the middle of a combo suddenly against hyp on power gain. Luckily, I was able to intercept and get the S2. It really surprised me and could have caused me to die.

    I hate aw.
  • Solrac_2Solrac_2 Posts: 497 ★★
    It's rare but it has happened twice in the last week in AW. It was my Magik both times and on a newer device--Galaxy Note 8.
  • Solrac_2Solrac_2 Posts: 497 ★★
    I want to add to my comment above. It was the miniboss and I usually take path 7.
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