4* sadness

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Who else shares my sadness now everytime you get a new 4* crystal and you're not super excited anymore? Spent so long covetting the 4* even when 5*'s were announced and released, now the 4* champ and crystal is only mildly more exciting than the 3* crystals.... Sad days :(
I would have been perfectly fine with pushing off 6* champs another year (even though I pulled Yondu as my 1st 6*).


  • BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 2,895 ★★★★★
    I’m hoping for blade or sparky so no, I don’t feel sad about 4* crystals. I’m still excited.
  • BUZZdog3000BUZZdog3000 Posts: 447 ★★
    I'm happy to get a dupe or a good champ. Because a dupe is iso for my 5 stars and a good champ would help because a great 4 star is better than a garbage 5 star imo. But if I get trash I don't even care because I get them so fast.
  • LoPrestiLoPresti Posts: 1,036 ★★★
    I'm just hype for the ISO now...
  • still excited but not as much as before
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    For the past 10 months, I managed to collect 70 four star champs, where more than half are from Arena grinding. I'm NOT too excited about 4* crystal opening, bcos nowadays they seldom pop up with new champs, but rather dups. But I'm still excited seeing dups, be it new awakening, or more sig level, or even max sig hence max signature crystals, beside more ISOs. I can really put those ISOs from dupping 4* champs to good use. I can also make good use of some of the awakening signature abilities (don't have time to grind Arena to awaken - NOT worth the time & effort).

    Three star crystals are definitely nothing to be excited as well, again, they are for dupping for ISO, for 4* shards, etc. I collected almost all 3* champs including grinding newly released 3* Feature champs from Arena (except Hulk Ragnarok that I recently missed due to too busy). The 3* collection is for completeness sake, for base hero rating, for SA advancement milestones, and for arena grinding purposes. Of course, also to try out new champs' new abilities before long wait for pulling a 4* or a 5* version. Nothing to be excited about really.

    Am I excited about 5* crystal!!! Hell no!!! **** luck!!!! 2 days ago I opened a new 5* YJ from blade featured crystal (what a waste), and today I opened a new 5* Duck from normal 5* crystal! Holly cow .... among all my 5* champs, only a few are decent, the rest won't go beyond R2 ...... 5* Angela R3/45, Guilly R2/35, Nebula R2/35, Rogue R2/35 are decent, the rest .... YJ R2/35 sad, UC R2/35 sad, Rhino R2/35 sad, Red Magneto dupped R1/25 sad, Duck R1/25 sad, Falcon R1/25 sad, Daredevil NF R1/25 sad ..... sad...sad...sad...


    Sorry, what's this thread about again? Oh! Sadness! Great, I'm not off topic then!!! :) LOL
  • juST4fUNjuST4fUN Posts: 172
    well if we are talking about sadness my last pulls were Cyclops (Blue), Joe and last but not least duped my carnage twice :#
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    I have pulled 40 4 star crystals since my last new champ. Yeah not even excited to open them anymore. always junk.
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