Looking for strong, smart, players

Looking for dedicated players, tired of getting weeds that stop the growth of our players. tSniK is our tag and LINE app is required for communication. AQ focused and usuall run
Please contact me or alliance if interested.


  • Still need players, made room for 10 to join, and as aliance quest started they left.........
  • Whiskey_PoetWhiskey_Poet Posts: 27
    edited June 2017
    What do you consider strong?

    66,959 rating/level 46. I play daily (generally multiple times). I've only been playing for a couple months. Well, 61 days because I just went into veteran arena bracket. The alliance I joined has done nothing, and I'm looking for a very active one. I'm a bit inexperienced with AQ/AW, due to said alliance issues, but have been seeking out videos on them. Getting better at playing daily, too. Don't have the line app, but am not opposed to it.

    Pictured are my top champions at the moment. I also should have Hyperion 4* at 3/30 as soon as I can finagle an alpha catalyst.

    CoC username is Whiskey Poet.

  • will talk to leader, will contact u in game
  • Thanks.
  • Are you still recruiting?

    I have a base hero rating of 63,173, am active daily AND have the experience to contribute to the growth of the alliance. In-game username is SoulCrusher777 and for LINE my username is AnAverageIcedCoffee.
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