11.6 Mil Alliance Looking for 2 (5000+ Prestige), AQ (5x5), AW 1647 (Gold 1 Tier)

Current 11.6M alliance looking for active players.
  • LINE for communication - Communication is required
  • Active Daily - AQ participation (joining and staying engaged through entirety), AW participation
  • Donations - Map 5 x 5 (3-BG Clears) (134k gold, 30k BC, 12.5k loyalty)
  • 5000+ prestige

We're looking for 2 new members that can consistently clear their lanes in both AQ and AW.

We rank in SA weekly. Rank in Completion, Item Use always

If you are interested, please contact me. Would like to after AW finishes tomorrow.

Contact me - IGN: Jsnook; LINE ID - jsnook2


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