Ways to fix Kamala Khan.

Cosmos_2002Cosmos_2002 Posts: 120
edited February 2018 in Suggestions and Requests
While charging heavies, generate 1 fury every 0.4 seconds. Up to 3.

Every fury increases critical rating by 18%.

Critical Hits: 35% to refresh the last fury activated.

Gain 6% perfect block chance per fury active.

What changes would you like to see ?


  • Mr_OtterMr_Otter Posts: 1,614 ★★★
    Hmm… how about:

    Critical rate increase 8% per fury
    Critical: 40% chance to refresh BOTH the fury with the least amount of time left on it

    Block proficiency 5% per fury

    We COULD go as far as giving her the Civil Warrior treatment and fusing 2 fury into 1 permenant fury (albeit you’d lose 1 fury worth of power in the short run)
  • theshiznit05theshiznit05 Posts: 107
    Delete her from the game.
  • TheOneAndOnlyTheOneAndOnly Posts: 690 ★★★
    Delete her from the game.

    I agree.
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