4500+ prestige player looking for map 5x5 (open to map 6)

In short I’m looking for: looking for an alliance that’s organized, does both aq and war, values communication and teamwork and clears maps in a timely fashion. Does map 5x5, is in war gold 1 or higher and uses line (id gwennie333).

My MCoC journey: I’m a big MCoC fan. I’ve been playing for a little over 2 years now. I started an alliance shortly after joining the game, with friends. These friends where less active then I was so after a while I left them to see what else was out there. After getting to know different leadrship styles I started MoM, my pride and joy. For a year and a half I was leading this amazing alliance focussed on growing players and growing as a team. I made amazing friends here and am looking for an alliance that is being lead out of love for the game/leading.

Why am I looking for an alliance: After giving birth in august I took a break from leading an alliance. I played a while with ex MoM members and enjoyed that a lot, but I was still spending to much time ingame so I went allianceless for a while. Now that I do have time again I want to join a new alliance and meet new people, instead of staying within my familiar circle.

Line id:


  • Hey look up The Phantom Renegades. Close core group. Looking to replace dead weight we do map 5*5 and are in gold 1 for Aw. Have a few woman and parents. Look up Lanttank or myself Rob433 on line app or in game
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    Hit me up on line id: shadykarikta, we are just what your looking for
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