[recruiting] Laid back alliance looking for active members (AQ maps 3 and 5 and AW)

Hi Guys,
we're looking for committed members whose focus is on maps 3 and 5 of Alliance Quest and Alliance War. Possible merge with another alliance. we have 10+ vacancies. Alliance rating is 2.4mln
- Daily log in several times a day at least while AQs are active
- Participation in Summoner Advancement every other week, so saving crystals and no ranking up on the off week
- Participation in Duel Skirmish
- Line app is obligatory
- Understanding of how AQ and AW work with linked nodes etc.

if you've had enough of pressure in your current alliance, this one is definitely for you. We help others grow, support each other and focus on good relations with one another.

If you are interested, feel free to text me on line. line ID is cptvee
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